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HCI sponsors a private Black Panther Screening!

The Clear Quran App

The Clear Quran Promo | Produced for The Clear Quran App

Aim High and Score Higher | HCI Event Coverage

“Regent Park is home to many bright young kids. Our basketball tournament in collaboration with @Youth2Give created a positive environment for them.”

Highlights Video

AbuAmeenah Bilal Philips | Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith | Produced for

Kids & Ramadan

$20,000 Donation to Margaret’s Drop-In Foundation

We had a fantastic time at Margaret's Drop In! With our $20,000 contribution, we are one step closer to ensuring warm meals and safe housing is provided to the homeless.

Event Coverage

Canada Day Drone Shots of Islamic Institute of Toronto

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi - No Doubt (Trailer)

Trailer for Almaghrib’s No Doubt course by Sh. Yasir Qadhi

Prep Doc | Dental Prep College Commercial

Dental School Prep College Commercial

Copy of HCI Sponsors Black Panther Screening.